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Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed Review!


Gave The Good Steward Savers Family the awesome privilege
to review a

Yes, I did say Pet Bed, And
Yes, I did say Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed!

"Boo Boo" on his brand new Nature's Sleep Pet Bed!

Do our Pet's Deserve anything less?!?!?!

I'm sure any fellow pet owner reading this would agree with us by saying "Of Course Not," our pets deserve absolutely nothing but the best!  If you are not a pet owner, you are probably curious by now and want to see why us "crazy" pet owners would get our pets a pet bed such as this one. 

As you can see in the picture above, "Boo Boo" could not wait to get on his new bed! :) He jumped right on that bed after we took it out of the box!  

What actually came out of the box was absolutely stunning!

I have never seen a pet bed so well made! The material of the outer covering of the pet bed is 100% polyester. In my opinion, this is a very high quality polyester and I will tell you why.

The sleep surface feels almost like a velvety soft terry cloth bath robe.

The sides and the bolster surface feel and look almost like a buttery soft suede. When I first took the bed out of the box, I actually thought it was suede, I was very surprised to read that it was polyester.  

The surface of buttom of the outer cover, is a skid proof surface to keep your pet and everyone else in the household safe from accidental falls.

The outer cover of the bed is waterproof to protect the double memory foam bad sleep surface and the bolster cushions protected from any type of moisture.  The reason why they made the outer cover waterproof is to protect the memory foam from any type of moisture as moisture will damage the memory foam.

The memory foam cushion inside of the bed is actually two cushions. The top cushion is the visco memory Foam mattress cushion and the cushion on the bottom is a support cushion. The cushion on the bottom provides extra support. 

The reason for this extra support is that when your pet lays on the bed, your pet will sink into the visco memory foam and the visco memory foam will react to the body temperature of your pet. Visco memory foam is sensitive to heat and when it reacts with the heat, it molds to the shape of your pet. The support cushion underneath provides the extra support needed to prevent your pet from sinking to the bottom of the visco memory foam. 

The two cushions, the visco memory foam mattress cushion and the memory foam support cushion underneath are encased in their own water-proof covering as well! 

The other  thing that I also noticed right away was how easy it is to care for this Nature's Sleep Pet Bed!

There is a zipper on the botton so you can remove the waterproof   enclosed Visco Memory Foam and support foam cushions. 

There is also another zipper on the inside to remove the waterproof enclosed bolster cushion. 

After the cushions are removed the outer-covering of the bed
can be machine washed and dried!

What exactly is Visco Memory Foam?

 Visco elastic foam is a material developed for bodily support during sleep. Its effectiveness is due to its unique ability to reduce pressure, provide comfortable support, and ease pain caused by prolonged stiffness. Most visco elastic foam today can be found at furniture retailers, since it is used in mattress overlays, mattress pads, and pillows. Also known asNASA memory foam, visco elastic foam was first invented for space programs in the 1970s, in order to reduce pressure points experienced by astronauts. The G-forces generated during lift off caused uncomfortable sensations for astronauts in their flight chairs, and visco elastic foam was able to furnish this needed orthopedic support. 
Years later, visco elastic foam was adapted by the medical field for hospital beds, resulting in better physical comfort for patients. It was then that the material was sold to the general public for use in homes, and became popular to the point that visco elastic foam products are utilized worldwide in households - Wise Geek

What are the benefits of the Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed ?

Before I go on to talk about the benefits of The Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed,, I want to talk about our own experience with a disabled dog who had hip dysplasia. Her name was Delilah. Delilah was a Black Lab and Rottweiler mix and was a lovely and beautiful companion and family member.

Our beloved Delilah was born with hip dysplasia and the veterinarian stated that Delilah "had no hips." Delilah was already inoperable so surgery was not an option. Delilah was only a year old at that time. 


Delilah had a hard time standing up on her own and often needed some assistance to actually stand up, especially if she slept on the ceramic tile floor that was cold. Delilah needed to sleep on a bed with blankets to keep her hip and legs warm so she could stand up.

When Delilah was with us, there was an "orthopedic bed," in a major pet super store, but it did not provide the comfort and support to Delilah's hips  that she needed.  Delilah would've also had an easier time standing up if we had a pet bed like the Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed, because she would've had the support, comfort and warmth provided to her hips she needed when she did sleep.

Arthritis means inflammation of the joint. The most common arthritis in dogs and cats is osteoarthritis (OA), named because the problem is caused by the bones (osteo). Pet arthritis (also known as feline arthritis or canine arthritis) can also be caused by infection (septic arthritis or bacterial arthritis in dogs) or by the body attacking itself in an immune system malfunction (rheumatoid arthritis).. 
 With pet osteoarthritis, bones are damaged because cartilage has given way. Cartilage is there to act as a cushion preventing bone from hitting bone as the joint moves. If the cartilage dries, roughens, or chips, bare bones are exposed. The exposed bone flattens and loses resilience so the joint no longer moves smoothly; it jerks and creaks. In response, the body sends white blood cells to the joint, but instead of repairing damage, the white blood cells release enzymes and free radicals that make things worse. The synovial fluid bathing the joint loses viscosity because it is damaged by the white blood cells' enzymes. As the synovial fluid thins, it's no longer able to resist joint compression or provide lubrication. Eventually, even the capsule that surrounds the joint inflames. The pet then has painful arthritis. 

 Key Facts: 
·                     Over 90% of geriatric cats have arthriti 
·                     Over 12 million cats in the US have arthritis
·                     1 out of every 5 dogs over the age of 7 has arthritis

Pet Health - Arthritis by  Dr. Mark A. de Wolde:

 I did a bit of searching to find an actual list of different breeds that are susceptible to Canine Arthritis and thanks to 1-800- Pet Meds, I actually found one. As you can see, its not just the large breeds, there are  smaller breeds as well.

·                     American Staffordshire Terrier
·                     Beagle
·                     Bernese Mountain Dog
·                     Bloodhound
·                     Bouvier des Flandres
·                     Boykin Spaniel
·                     Briard
·                     Brittany
·                     Bulldog
·                     Bullmastiff
·                     Chesapeake Bay Retriever
·                     Chow Chow
·                     Clumber Spaniel
·                     Coonhound (Black and Tan)
·                     Coton de TulĂ©ar
·                     Curly Coated Retriever
·                     English Setter
·                     English Springer Spaniel
·                     German Shepherd
·                     Giant Schnauzer 

·                     Golden Retriever
·                     Gordon Setter
·                     Irish Water Spaniel
·                     Kuvasz
·                     Neapolitan Mastiff
·                     Newfoundland
·                     Norwegian Elkhound
·                     Old English Sheepdog
·                     Otterhund
·                     Polish Lowland Sheepdog
·                     Portuguese Water Dog
·                     Pudel Pointer
·                     Pug
·                     Rottweiler
·                     Shih Tzu
·                     Spanish Water Dog
·                     St. Bernard
·                     Staffordshire Terrier
·                     Sussex Spaniel
·                     Welsh Corgi
·                     Welsh Springer Spaniel 

What are the actual Benefits of a Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed

Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed provides many benefits including:         
  • Support and reduction of pressure to the bones, joints, hips providing relief and reduction of pain and discomfort. 
  •   Improvement of blood circulation because of the reduction of pressure to areas that would be compressed if your pet was sleeping on a hard surface such as the floor.
  • · Proper alignment of the body and spine, thus reducing and or preventing any discomfort and pain
  • · Weight distribution is even because of the nature of the memory foam's activation from body heat, conforming and molding to your beds body,  providing a more restful and motionless sleep time.
  • ·  Less suffering and a better quality of life for the dog with hip dysplasia and senior dogs and cats with arthritis.
  • ·  Memory foam is actually breathable and will keep your dog or cat warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

When should the use of a Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed be instituted?

First I will say, your pet doesn't have to be disabled as Delilah was to use this bed. It is actually recommended by Veterinarians that you use a memory foam bed for your pet from the beginning, in other words, "Prevention!"

How to Prevent Dog Arthritis:
Make sure your dog is always comfortable.
Dogs with arthritis should be given a nice place to sleep.
This isn’t simply because it is a luxury they deserve,
but because of the fact that arthritis can get worse if the dog sleeps in an awkward position- Dog Arthritis Care Guide

What is the reason for this preventive measure?

The reason is, dogs age faster than their human companions, everyday wear and tear on the joints from playing, jumping up and down, a traumatic injury.and the symptoms of arthritis can manifest at any age and does not always have to be genetic.

Why does the Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed have a bolster? 

The bolster provides support for the back and the neck, providing additional support for the vertebral column.  Our cat "Sasha is demonstrating that for us here :)


Boo Boo sleeping on his Nature's Sleep Pet Bed and the picture speaks for itself!  

I will say that Good Steward Savers are not in the dog training business.
We were not able to get Boo Boo to pose for the pictures :) Yes, he is really sleeping and he is sleeping quite restful and comfortable :) 
When Boo Boo isn's sleeping on his bed, our cat "Sasha" takes a nice "cat nap." :). I was able to snap this picture of her while she was sleeping. Sasha loves Boo Boo's
Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed as much as Boo Boo does.
Sasha looks very restful and comfortable as Boo Boo does is in his picture.

Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet bed comes in three different sizes:
  •                 Small
  •                Medium
  •                Large 
 The Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pet Bed is also available in three different colors:
  •           Sage
  •           Taupe
  •            Chocolate

As a reader of this review, you are entitled to a 50% off discount off of 
ANY purchase compliments of Nature's Sleep! 
USE Code:BEARS50 for any purchase off of the Naturessleep.com website! 

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